Treating mental illness and addiction like any other health condition.

Parity means mental health and substance use disorders are treated just like any other health condition, which would require insurance providers to offer equal insurance coverage for both mental and physical health conditions.  

Oklahoma and federal laws require parity, but these laws are difficult to implement and enforce. Healthy Minds promotes policies and regulations that put mental and physical health on equal footing, ensure compliance with the law, and protect consumers’ rights to care. Our groundbreaking research has shown that when parity doesn’t exist, Oklahomans suffer.


Oklahomans must go out of network nine times more often for outpatient mental health care than for similar physical health services.
Source: Milliman (2019)


Office visits for primary care in Oklahoma are reimbursed 27% more than for similar mental health visits.
Source: Milliman (2019)


Nearly two-thirds of mental health providers listed in insurance network directories could not be reached in a 2023 Healthy Minds study.

Essential research

Oklahomans’ access to behavioral health care through private insurance

Oklahoma is facing a time of unprecedented mental health need, and most Oklahomans rely on commercial insurance to access care. Healthy Minds studied Oklahoma’s largest commercial insurance networks, and we found shortcomings that can mean long waits and more expensive care. In our comprehensive analysis, we explore what policymakers, insurers and providers can do to increase access to mental health services through commercial insurance.  

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The history and implications of mental health parity

Without parity, too many Oklahomans are left behind.  Despite years of attempts to ensure mental health parity in insurance coverage, Oklahomans still struggle to access substance abuse and mental health treatment. Read our overview of how parity laws came to be and the struggle to enforce them.

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The latest on parity in Oklahoma

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