Partner with us

From from project-specific contracts to multi-year investments, Healthy Minds' work is sustained by clients and funders who share our mission for improving the well-being of all Oklahomans.

Strengthening Oklahoma's behavioral health ecosystem

Clients and project partners

Healthy Minds' experts have decades of experience in behavioral health policy and practice, with expertise in mental health systems for children and youth, community-based care, multi-system coordination, treatment and prevention practices, and data and population health analysis.

Unlike a for-profit consulting firm, hiring Healthy Minds is an investment in Oklahoma's behavioral health ecosystem, enabling us to pursue additional research, policy analysis, and community projects.

Our clients include communities, treatment providers, health care systems, education institutions, state agencies, and more. These partners all share commitment to improving the quality, availability, and accessibility of behavioral health care in Oklahoma.

Our services

Community change projects & problem solving

We help Oklahoma communities analyze and address complex challenges related to mental health and substance use, including problem definition and analysis, stakeholder convening and facilitation, and action planning.

Needs assessments

We support communities and organizations with comprehensive needs and system assessments, including strategic planning and implementation assistance as needed.

Program evaluation & consultation

We provide technical assistance, consultation, and data analysis for program and project directors, including evaluations required for grant reporting.

Research & data analysis

We produce custom research projects and reports, including quantitative, qualitative and geographic analyses.

Our clients

Investing in long-term impact

Funders and philanthropic partners

Transforming Oklahoma's approach to mental health takes sustained effort and resources. Partnerships with foundations, grant-making organizations, and other philanthropic funders enable Healthy Minds to address long-standing issues and emerging opportunities.

Our funders

Ongoing operational support from The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation — Healthy Minds' founding funder — supports our core policy work, fellowship program, and the implementation of recommendations in the Tulsa Regional Mental Health Plan.

With a mission to decriminalize mental illness, the Sozosei Foundation supports Healthy Minds' efforts to establish true parity between physical and mental health care in Oklahoma, as well as our focus on policies and practices that divert people to appropriate settings of care.

As a 2023 recipient of the United Way of Central Oklahoma's WayFinder Innovation Grant, Healthy Minds has launched a multi-year change initiative to strategically align Oklahoma City's behavioral health systems with the growing mental health needs of its residents.