Focusing on the big picture to make systemic change.

From policy analysis to community projects, our work is built on a foundation of data and a commitment to collaboration.

Our team includes experts in public policy, prevention strategies, clinical practice, public health, criminal justice, and more.

We cultivate a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Oklahoma to create solutions that move our state forward.

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Illuminating the path forward

Research & Data

In 2022, Oklahoma directed more public resources to mental health than ever before. Healthy Minds is at the forefront of this historic transformation of Oklahoma’s behavioral healthcare system. By empowering policymakers and community leaders with data, research, and evidence of what works, we help ensure sound policy that leads to a healthier Oklahoma.

Programs of Assertive Community Treatment: Oklahoma’s unmet needs and opportunities to expand intensive services

Our research finds that Oklahoma’s PACT teams serve less than half the number of people who would benefit from and be eligible for these services.

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Knowledge base: Community mental health and the CCBHC model in Oklahoma

As the first state to fully transition to the CCBHC model, Oklahoma has been at the forefront of embracing change to better deliver community mental health care to its residents.

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The state of Oklahoma's behavioral health workforce

Policymakers have realistic options for addressing the state's most pressing behavioral health workforce challenges. With roughly $30 million in targeted funding and policy initiatives, Oklahoma can significantly strengthen workforce pipelines to meet the state’s growing need for behavioral health professionals.

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Transforming mental health policy in Oklahoma

Policy Guidance & Analysis

Our team provides guidance to policymakers that makes an impact. We make use of our comprehensive knowledge of community needs, the legislative process, and best practices in behavioral health to guide our analysis and make meaningful, fiscally responsible recommendations.

Analysis of existing policy and implementation

Drafting legislation and regulations

Analysis of proposed legislation

Oklahoma mental health policy highlights of the 2024 legislative session

During the 2024 session, the Oklahoma Legislature passed key mental health bills and appropriated over $5 million to provide much-needed support to the state’s behavioral health workforce.

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New law modifies Oklahoma’s definition of “person requiring treatment”

Oklahoma will soon have an updated definition to determine when someone may be held in protective custody for a mental health evaluation to determine whether they need to be involuntarily hospitalized.

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How Oklahoma can reduce housing insecurity through Medicaid

In this analysis, we explore how Oklahoma and other states can utilize strategies through Medicaid to address housing insecurity for Medicaid members with serious mental illness or substance use disorders.

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Putting research into practice

Community Initiatives

Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, communities across the state are prioritizing mental health and investing significantly in their treatment infrastructure. Healthy Minds supports these efforts with expert counsel, stakeholder coordination, and a long-term vision for improving behavioral health outcomes and increasing access to care.

We provide applied expertise in a wide range of services, from tactical assistance to strategic planning to leadership of community projects.

Our services include:

Needs identification and assessments

Stakeholder coordination

Implementation strategies

Program evaluations

Resource development for community mental health initiatives

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Healthy Minds awarded WayFinder grant from United Way of Central Oklahoma

Awarded at the United Way of Central Oklahoma's centennial campaign kickoff, the grant provides startup funding for a multi-year initiative to strategically align Oklahoma City’s behavioral health systems with the growing mental health needs of its residents.

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Tulsa is poised to be nation's first 'Zero Overdose' community

Launched by Healthy Minds in March 2023, the Zero Overdose learning community is a collaborative of citywide partners dedicated to eliminating overdose deaths in Tulsa.

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Healthy Minds works with organizations, communities, and treatment systems, such as non-profits, state agencies, employers, health care institutions, and community coalitions.

Community Assessments

Comprehensive needs and system assessments at the geographic or organizational level, and may also include strategic planning and implementation assistance.

Grant Program Evaluations

Technical assistance, program consultation, data analysis, and assistance with reporting requirements and communication with grant officials.

First-Time Grantee Consultation

Initial consultation and training around compliance with federal grant requirements.

Community Engagement & Problem Solving

Problem definition and analysis, facilitation of community meetings or listening sessions, and action planning, and may include implementation assistance.

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Developing collaborative solutions to Oklahoma's challenges

Partnerships & Coalitions

While Oklahoma has tremendous mental health need, collaborative solutions are underway. Healthy Minds coordinates coalitions and partnerships of public- and private-sector stakeholders in communities across the state. We are confident that Oklahoma’s challenges are not insurmountable, and we remain optimistic about the future of our state.