Healthy Minds Fellowship

The Healthy Minds Fellowship is a one-year program designed to contribute to the development of mental health policy and practice transformation in Oklahoma by providing fellows with the opportunity to work on well-defined practical goals and problems that drive real change.

The fellowship begins in the summer with the option to renew for a second year in certain circumstances. During the course of the fellowship, fellows will have the opportunity to further develop topic-specific knowledge, shape and even lead future Healthy Minds projects, and develop sustainable solutions to local and statewide issues, all while creating lasting community relationships.

Fellows will complete projects by performing the following activities on a regular basis:

Research and analyze policy issues related to mental health prevention and treatment, compile relevant research findings in written reports.

Understand the status of the mental health landscape in Tulsa and Oklahoma, including gaps and opportunities at the policy and systems levels.

Maintain positive relationships and regular meetings with community members, including personal advisory board members comprised of area professionals unique to each fellow.

Develop and provide public education, presentations, and outreach regarding mental health issues as needed.

Synthesize data and compelling talking points in meaningful, usable documents tailored to specific audiences.

Informed by research and engagement with the community, identify and propose creative solutions for addressing gaps and opportunities in mental health services, including national best practices.

We believe all Oklahomans should have the behavioral health treatment and prevention services they need, when and where they need it.

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A bachelor’s degree is required, though a graduate degree is preferred. Those with a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of professional work experience are encouraged to apply.

Degrees in any field or discipline are welcomed, and training in a health or policy-related discipline is not required.

The fellowship is not a clinical internship or supervised practice program of any sort, and fellows may not engage in any form of clinical service during their fellowship.

Who you are

You love Oklahoma and its people as much as we do, and want to see improvement in the mental health of our community. You have some work experience and a bachelor’s degree (maybe even a master’s degree or Ph.D.), and are looking for a new challenge. You want to do this while living and working in Tulsa.

You may not have specific mental health experience, but you care deeply about the issue and want to invest your intellect and heart for people to make real change. Fellows come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including education, psychology, counseling, law, business, social work, nursing, health care policy, and more.

Who we are

Healthy Minds Policy Initiative is a nonpartisan team of policy and mental health experts dedicated to ending untreated mental illness and substance use disorders in Oklahoma. With a foundation of data and original research, Healthy Minds advances a long-term public policy agenda for Oklahoma, coordinates public- and private-sector partnerships and collaboration, and empowers communities and medical providers to implement innovative and best-practice behavioral health treatment.