Zack Stoycoff, MPA

Executive Director

Zack Stoycoff is the founding executive director of Healthy Minds Policy Initiative, a nonprofit that leads policy and community change to end untreated mental illness and addiction in Oklahoma. He and his team of policy and public health experts advise state and local officials, treatment systems, schools, and other partners in developing data-driven, evidence-based solutions to behavioral health challenges faced by communities across the state.

At Healthy Minds, Zack leads collaborations that have drawn millions of dollars into the state for new and enhanced treatment services and helped pass some of the nation’s strongest state legislation expanding access to behavioral health care. His work has advanced solutions for many of the most pressing needs in behavioral health, including the youth mental health crisis, health insurance parity, and clinical workforce shortages.

Zack has a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma and 15 years of professional experience influencing public policy. He was previously vice president of government affairs for the Tulsa Regional Chamber, where he advocated for state policy priorities around health insurance, education, and criminal justice reform. He has a background in journalism, including covering state and local government issues for the Tulsa World and several other newspapers.