Brandi Gaither, MSW

Community Initiatives Coordinator

Brandi Gaither is a community initiatives coordinator at Healthy Minds, where she works with school and community leaders to offer guidance and support in researching, planning, and implementing best-practice prevention and intervention strategies for mental health and substance use disorders.  

Brandi brings years of public health and social services experience to her role at Healthy Minds. Previously, she worked as a Prevention Program Manager for school-based prevention services at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. She managed statewide initiatives for school sectors and provided expertise in preventing youth mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. She also oversaw a team of local school-based prevention specialists and provided technical assistance for school districts in developing tiered prevention and intervention frameworks to meet the needs of all students and their families.

Brandi graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a master’s degree in social work, concentrating in administrative and community practice.