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Organizational Update: Troy Yamaguchi joins Healthy Minds Fellowship

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Healthy Minds Fellowship, the next iteration of Oklahoma’s Mental Health Fellowship, has announced Troy Yamaguchi as a member of its 2020-2021 cohort.

The Healthy Minds Fellowship seeks to seed the community with a new wave of intellectual capital in order to change the way Oklahoma approaches mental health policy. Funded by The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, the fellowship is a one-year position with the option to renew for a second year.

Troy has worked in a variety of health research roles, including positions with the federal government, academia, and county-level programs. He is interested in improving health outcomes, especially among vulnerable populations. To this end, his research has engaged many types of Americans—including the elderly, people of color, low-income neighborhoods, and people experiencing homelessness.

Troy worked in an assisted living facility while assisting psychological research at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities. After college, he worked as a research analyst for Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General, where he contributed to studies addressing the COVID-19 National Health Emergency and other items related to government accountability. Troy holds a dual degree in psychology and the sociology of law, crime, and deviance; this degree includes a minor in computer science, which he hopes to eventually promote into a masters in computational social science.

During his time as a fellow, Troy will work on data-driven explorations of Oklahoma’s greatest mental health needs, with a particular focus on veteran’s mental health.

Fellows may or may not have specific mental health experience, but care deeply about the issue and want to invest intellect and heart for people to make real change. Fellows can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to: education, psychology, counseling, law, business, social work, nursing, health care policy and others. Recruitment for the next cohort will begin spring of 2021.