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Mental Health and COVID-19

Information and Resources

Mental Health and COVID 19

Information and Resources

COVID-19 represents a new threat to the health of our community, but it also brings with it mental health challenges. Healthy Minds is committed to keeping our community informed about the best resources available to guide us in reducing stress and anxiety, in communicating with and supporting family members, and in knowing where to get help when mental health crises or concerns arise.

The links below provide guidance on how to help children, where to seek help online or from mental health and substance abuse providers, tools for connecting with real people for help virtually, and general information.

As you browse below, you will find that information and links are organized into the following categories: Local Resources, Resources for People with Mental Health Conditions, Tools to Connect to Others, General Information, Resources for Parents and Caregivers, and Resources for Mental Health Providers.

For a public policy perspective, find the related report by Healthy Minds Policy Initiative: COVID-19 Projections and Effects on Mental Health and Addiction in Oklahoma


Mental Health Association Oklahoma This information is provided in partnership with the Mental Health Association Oklahoma.